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Standard Trees

At Deepdale Trees, we stock an extensive range of Standard Trees for the professional trade market. We use the term ‘standard’ to define these trees because they have a noticeably upright stem, which is clean of lateral growths, supporting a well-branched crown that you are able to walk beneath.

Standard Trees are extremely versatile; they are perfect for creating boulevards down which traffic and people can flow, adding extra privacy without taking space from the garden, or providing shade in a large open area. Deepdale Trees has a huge variety of Standard Trees each with their own character, colour and seasonal interest.

How large are Standard Trees?

The stem heights of our Standard Tree stock are generally between 1.8-2.5m (6ft-8ft). Trees with an overall height of up to 20m (65ft) are possible.

Our trees are priced by girth and we can offer a fine selection of Standards from 12-14cm to 120-140cm girth, in many different varieties. In the rare event that you’re unable to find the perfect tree from our over 100 acres of UK production, we can source your ideal tree from our selected network of UK & European nurseries.

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Field or Air-Pot® Grown Standard Trees: What’s best for your project?

Both of these growing methods will help your tree to grow and flourish however, field grown trees are only available when they are dormant between November and April. Trees grown in our highly versatile Air-Pot® Container System are available all year round.

We’ve helped a diverse range of landscapers, landscape architects, garden designers and major construction firms find the right trees for their project and we’d love to do the same for you. Our well managed nursery is home to an extensive selection of container and field grow trees, so if you’d like to book an appointment to spend some time exploring over 300 varieties of plants, please contact us to make an appointment.

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