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The Air-Pot® is an innovative growing system that has unequivocally revolutionised container grown production, solving the root-spiraling problem whilst actively enhancing the growth and health of plants.

How does the Air-Pot® Work?

This system consists of a reusable plastic 'sleeve' manufactured from recycled plastic that surrounds the root system. When laid flat, the ‘sleeve’ resembles a honeycomb or an egg carton with small holes at the tips. The holes are always positioned on the outside of the container, and as the outward growing root tips extend to the boundaries of the Air-Pot®, the cones funnel the roots towards the holes, meaning they dehydrate upon exposure to the air. This generates gentle pruning, as well as stimulated lateral root growth, producing a more fibrous root system whilst preventing root circling.

When growing trees in Air-Pot®, each tree is placed on a layer of compost and tied to covered support wires, in such a way as to avoid damage to the stem whilst being held securely in place. The Air-Pot® is then wrapped around the roots leaving an appropriate gap to fill with compost.

The compost is then firmed in to allow optimum root growth and each tree is regularly monitored to ensure correct watering and feeding. The tree is prepared for dispatch using a wire basket and hessian both of which will degrade away over time when planted, whilst the Air-Pot® will be reused for several seasons at our nursery.

The main advantages at a glance:

  • A much improved fibrous root system offers better transplant resilience and no transplant shock
  • Plants grown in this way are available all year round
  • No waste products delivered to the client’s site
  • The trees are packaged as conventional rootball
  • Easy to anchor as the flat bottom of the Air-Pot® gives greater stability
  • Simply to handle
  • Toughly constructed from recycled plastic so they can last up to ten years or more
  • Able to containerise any size tree or shrub

To learn more about our Air-Pot® grown trees, shrubs and hedging, or to book a visit to our nursery in Potton, please contact a member of our team contact a member of our team who will be glad to assist.

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