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Environmental action

Deepdale Trees takes its environmental and biosecurity responsibilities seriously and our policy has been developed to ensure pest and disease free stock, reduce our carbon footprint, whilst minimising water consumption and waste.

Since our journey began in 1995, we’ve employed innovative solutions to ensure the impact our company might have on the environment is as minimal as possible. For example, our plants are delivered with all their rootballs wrapped in hessian and non-galvanised wire. This covering is not only user friendly (designed to be retained when the trees are planted), but it is also fully biodegradable, so no waste products are delivered to our clients’ sites. The Air-Pot container is another fine example, which is made out of recycled plastic. These remain at our nursery and are reused, allowing for at least 5 to 6 potting cycles. The moment an Air-Pot is damaged or is simply no longer usable in our nursery, they we send them away to be recycled again.

Our dedicated team is ever so mindful of our environmental impact, and we regularly inspect our nursery and stock to ensure we’re meeting the highest environmental standards. We also have regular DEFRA inspections, whilst any stock that’s brought in from our select group of suppliers is fully plant passported, so you can be assured that any purchase is free from pests and disease.


Our water irrigation system is computerised to run several times a day, only for a few minutes to keep the rootball moist but not wet. No extra water is wasted into the ground, whilst 60% of the necessary tree water is given in the early evening to avoid evaporation during the day.


We try to minimise the use of herbicide and pesticide as much as possible and encourage bird life into the nursery to control the insects in a natural way.


In addition to the many friendly songbirds that chirp throughout the course of the day, we also invite many other kinds of local wildlife, including grass snakes, lizards and newts!

Machinery and Transport

Every year we review our work processes and our machinery and equipment is updated regularly to save fuel and to lower our CO2 emissions.

Our main haulier is FORS gold certified and all hauliers we work with are local to the nursery to reduce haulage distance. They all update their vehicles regularly and go above and beyond in terms of meeting road safety requirements, whilst ensuring Road Haulage Associations Rules are met or exceeded. We also endeavour to combine lorry loads with several clients on the same lorry to avoid sending half empty lorries out and to save on fuel.


We have installed solar panels to our south facing barn and all electricity supplied to the nursery is now through renewable energy sources.

Deepdale Trees are expert growers and wholesalers of the UK's finest semi-mature trees and shrubs

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