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Topiary plants and trees are incredibly unique, offering artistic flair and drama to any garden or landscaping project.

Whether you’re a garden designer looking for one extra special plant to make a statement in your garden, or a landscape architect seeking to incorporate formality into a landscaping project; Deepdale Trees has one of the widest selections available. We’ve supplied our customers with plants in a variety of shapes and sizes, from classic pyramid structures to decorative pom-poms and impeccably defined spirals.

Top quality topiary all year round

Thanks to our Air-Pot® containerised stock, our nursery is packed with a good selection of topiary throughout the summer months, including regularly pruned pleached trees, box head trees, domes and bonsai. During the rootball season, from November to March, the possibilities for different sizes, shapes and varieties are endless, not just from our own stock but also from our partner nurseries in Europe.

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Our forward-thinking production team utilises their decades of experience to grow, care for and maintain a wide selection of topiary, and the Air-Pot® container system is without doubt the best root system available for year round delivery. Trees and shrubs not only have a much-improved fibrous root system when grown in this method, they also offer better transplant resilience.

If you’re looking for quality and consistency from an honest and helpful nursery, please do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment. Whatever you need, we are here to help, and look forward to hearing from you.

Deepdale Trees are expert growers and wholesalers of the UK's finest semi-mature trees and shrubs

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