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How we work with our partners

In addition to their splendor, the adaptability and abundant variety of trees make them perfect for enhancing any environment. Whether landscaping around new commercial developments or improving urban areas with green spaces, trees bring together a number of environmental, practical, and aesthetic benefits that make the world around us better.

We collaborate with partners in different sectors and provide knowledgeable guidance on which trees are best suited to the needs of specific projects and ensure their delivery on time and within budget. Our professional services help customers successfully deliver their planting projects to ensure they or their clients can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Landscape Architects & Contractors

We work closely with landscape architects to provide input at the early phases of a project, helping them in specifying particular species best suited to a given environment and helping them with designing tree pits or advising on technical parameters such as weight, root ball size and soil volume.

Our past collaborations have allowed us to support clients with some fascinating schemes both at home and abroad and in some cases, such as the stunning design at Quinto do Logo, the brief incorporates a significant number of species spread across several planting plans.

Our landscape contractor clients engage our expertise to deliver the trees, plants and shrubs specified on a design after it has been created, or to seek guidance on which individual species would be the best fit for the needs of the scheme designed by the architect.

We advise on the growth habits and offer a contract growing service to coordinate with future projects and ensure trees meet the required specifications at the time they are required.

Councils and Local Authorities

Local communities can enjoy several social benefits from trees, including the sense of serenity and peace trees often provide or the complimentary views they can give to local architecture. The work we do with public sector clients includes the supply of high-quality stock for recreational developments and urban regeneration programmes.

Projects can include the creation of new green spaces, where communal benefits include the reduction of noise and the introduction of wildlife habitats to urban areas. The proper selection of the right species can have lasting positive effects on the quality of life of populations and our expert team know which types will deliver the optimum benefit.

Our contract growing services are an important part of our support of capital investment schemes, guaranteeing clients the availability of sufficient stocks to meet their needs with the flexibility of advanced procurement to align with budget cycles.

Other projects arise from prevailing events in society, such as recent schemes involving the planting of trees and shrubs in central London to support security efforts and regulate foot traffic during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools and Universities

Trees provide benefits that promote the health and mental well-being of students, and we often collaborate with school, college, and university clients and contractors to supply trees for a wide selection of projects in educational settings including sports facilities, accommodation blocks, or administration buildings.

Recent projects we have worked on have been Christchurch College Oxford, Haberdashers School for Girls, The Royal Veterinary College, and the University of South London.

Providing sensory spaces and forest areas in primary schools help with children’s development and enjoyment of nature, educating them on how trees clean our air and make a valuable contribution to challenging climate change.

Giving shade to reduce exposure to UV rays is another important factor when selecting the best species when we work with clients on educational schemes, whether they relate to providing shaded areas for school developments or landscaping on university campuses. Trees provide a wonderful shelter from the weather and deliver additional benefits that can help protect a site from soil erosion and flooding.


Prominent developments including Warner Bros Studios, Canary Wharf, Oxford Business Park, and the US Embassy feature trees supplied by Deepdale and demonstrate our ability to work closely with landscape architects to create wonderful outdoor spaces where businesses can entertain clients or staff can hold meetings in an informal setting.

Incorporating trees and shrubs into the design of business environments enhances the architectural impact of corporate offices and creates wellness areas where employees can enjoy a little tranquility during a hectic day in the office. Clients can increase their ecological impact by creating biodiverse areas to promote environmental conservation and create habitats that attract a variety of wildlife.

We maintain healthy stocks of Air-pot and field-grown species and keep regular contact with clients to ensure we can supply exceptional quality trees and plants all year round to meet their needs.

Deepdale Trees are expert growers and wholesalers of the UK's finest semi-mature trees and shrubs

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