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Instant Hedging can be so much more than a garden boundary; they can reduce wind strength, filter dust, reduce noise, boost privacy, add beauty and promote wildlife.

We’ve supplied hedging for a diverse range of clients. If you are keen to increase your privacy, divide spaces or enhance security, we can meet your needs.

What type of hedging is best for your landscaping project?

Our Instant Hedging is available from 0.5m to 12.0m in height and is sold as individual plants that have been carefully clipped over many years to create a dense rectangular form. When used in residential projects, a single species is often utilised. Carpinus betulus, Fagus sylvatica or Taxus baccata are all hardy and deliver that dense, classic look.

We have also worked on many projects where smaller hedging plants have been preferred to our instant, pre-clipped plants. These have included mixed native species such as Crataegus, Cornus and Corylus. Readily available from 1.5m in height, our Mixed Hedges are valuable habitats for wildlife, offering year round interest.

What are the benefits of Air-Pot® Container Grown Hedging?

The Air-Pot® system prevents root spiraling and helps our trees to develop an undisturbed and highly fibrous root system, maximizing water and nutrient absorption. Air-Pot® containerised plants can be supplied all year round and when planted have much increased transplant resilience and significantly reduced transplant shock. The flat bottomed shape of the root system also makes Air-Pot® trees extremely stable when planted.

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If you know what you need give us a call or book a visit to find the perfect hedging for your next project. Our expert team is always on hand to offer information and advice, talking you through the best possible options for your needs.

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