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Our History

Becoming experts takes time and effort. Lots of it.

We've grown with our trees since 1995 and are proud of all we've achieved since. We're continuing to innovate, by improving what we do and the service that we provide, our trade nursery is a growing source of evidence


We open our doors. With a small team we start working on our goal of becoming one of the UK's leading tree nurseries.


Moved to the Tithe Farm and the first company vehicle was purchased, which we still have today!


We put down some roots, building our offices

Our surroundings have changed since then. Using some old photos buried in the filing cabinet we've unearthed an interesting before and after section.

The old Anderson shelter area

The old Anderson shelter from another angle


We welcome in the new millennium with an expansion. The first of our bigger nursery beds are built and the Deepdale of today starts to take shape. This video from the summer of 2022 shows what the company has grown to.


Following years of hard work we exceed £1m turnover.


To accommodate a growing workforce, we extend our offices.


Water borehole sunk to supply irrigation to the ever-expanding nursery.

Darting back to the early days.

Corregated storage then and now


As deepdale goes from strength to strength, the need for more space becomes apparent.

In 2014 Deepdale Trees Ltd purchase Tithe Farm. The video below shows the Farm in the winter of 2022.


Another significant milestone for the company, when we turnover £1m in a single month.


Overseas growth. 2021 saw the formation of our German company, Deepdale Trees GmbH.


Deepdale and the trees grown continue to thrive as we head towards a 30th year.

Our Future