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Tree specs

Trees can be encouraged to grow in a range of different ‘forms’ but sometimes the technical terminology can be confusing. When sourcing the perfect tree for your project, a little insight on some of the conventional forms can go a long way.

Below we’ve put together specifications for each of the main types we supply but should you need any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Standard trees are defined as “trees with a substantially upright stem, clean of lateral growths, supporting a well branched crown.” The crown may have a central leader or a branched head, and branching appropriate for species or cultivar, with no main branches crossing in the crown.


Feathered trees usually have an upright central leading stem furnished with evenly spread and balanced lateral growths down to near ground level, but this is dependent on the species.

Multistem trees

Multistem trees have two or more main stems arising from (or near) ground level, growing from one root system. They combine elements of both trees and shrubs, but grow taller than a shrub can.


A single stemmed tree, with lateral growth trained to a two-dimensional vertical frame and clipped to create a panel, is usually used for screening.

Roof shape / Parasol

This single stemmed tree has its central leaders cut and the lateral branches trained over a horizontal frame, creating a parasol effect.

Box shape

Another single stemmed tree, but with lateral growth trained to a three-dimensional frame and clipped to create a box / cubed head.


A mature, specimen multistem, where lateral growth is pruned from the lower parts of the main stems to raise the canopy and create an umbrella form.


A tree with a single stem that is regularly pruned back to the trunk, encouraging a regrowth of dense branches.

Instant Hedging

Individual plants which have been clipped over many years to create a dense rectangular form. When planted side by side, an instant dense hedge is formed.

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