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Feathered / Multistem Trees

Our Feathered and Multistem trees are ideal for areas where a natural character needs to be retained.

Feathered trees have a single vertical trunk as well as lateral branches from the ground up, the shape has been allowed to develop naturally.

Multistem trees have more than one dominant trunk, a form which is created by coppicing when they are young. Lower lateral branches are sometimes removed to form a multistem umbrella.

Each year, from November to April, (depending on weather and ground conditions) we can offer an exciting range of field grown multistems and beautiful feathered plants ranging from 1m to 15m high. Unlike our Standard Trees, multistems are priced by their height and pot size. Many landscape architects and designers incorporate them into their project when they need a more naturalistic look.

However, thanks to the Air-Pot® container system, you no longer have to wait for the winter period to transform your garden. Our feathered and multistem trees are also available all year round.

What are the advantages of Air-Pot® grown multistem trees?

The Air-Pot® system prevents root spiraling and helps our trees to develop an undisturbed and highly fibrous root system, maximizing water and nutrient absorption. Air-Pot® containerised plants can be supplied all year round and when planted have much increased transplant resilience and significantly reduced transplant shock. The flat bottomed shape of the root system also makes Air-Pot® trees extremely stable when planted.

As with field trees, there are no waste products delivered to site, and the trees will come with their root system wrapped in biodegradable hessian, encased within a decomposable wire net, ready for planting.

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Whatever you are looking for, our Air-Pot® container and field grown semi mature trees have been meticulously cared for to maximise growth and flourish in your garden or landscape. If you are looking for that perfect addition to your project, please send us a message or call us today to schedule an appointment.

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