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Our Trees

Our journey to becoming an expert grower and wholesaler of semi-mature trees began back in 1995. With a passion for strength, quality and beauty, we’ve since developed the UK’s finest selection of Air-Pot® and field-grown trees, forming a trusted reputation with our clients.

Whichever plant you’re looking to source, whether it be a Standard Tree, Multistem or Topiary, we can advise you through every stage of your project. Our friendly and committed team is always on hand to provide guidance utilising our many years of experience and knowledge gained within the sector.

Don’t let the name fool you; our Standard Trees are only ‘standard’ in form, not beauty. These trees feature a noticeably upright stem that is clean of lateral growths, supporting a well branched crown. These trees are perfect for street planting or creating formal avenues. Stem heights, colours, character, flowers and fruits vary depending on the tree and the season, so it’s best to book a visit to our nursery to find the perfect trees for your project. MORE

Feathered or Multistem trees are associated with a more naturalistic form. Feathered trees have a single stem and lateral branches to the base. Whilst multistem trees exhibit more than one dominant stem. They often feature a vase-shaped crown structure that’s narrower towards the bottom. These trees create impact through their individual silhouettes and you’ll discover many varieties at our tree nursery in Bedfordshire. MORE

Hedging is the ultimate natural fence or boundary, and many landscape architects and designers invest in our Instant Hedging to split a garden into sections, such as children’s play areas, alfresco dining spaces or pretty ponds with soothing water features. Our Instant Hedging is available from 50cm to 12.0m in height. They are supplied as individual plants that have been clipped over many years, creating a dense and tidy rectangular form. MORE

A single plant can make the world of difference to a garden or landscaping project, so if you’re looking for the ultimate showstopper of a plant to inject personality into your garden, our topiary plants are ideal. They’re available in a range of designs, including spirals, balls, cones, cubes and domes. We also supply bonsai and pleached trees. MORE

Deepdale Trees are expert growers and wholesalers of the UK's finest semi-mature trees and shrubs

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