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Carpinus betulus Fastigiata - Upright Hornbeam

Carpinus betulus Fastigiata is an upright form of the popular native tree Carpinus betulus and was awarded the Award of Garden Merit from the RHS in 2002.

Carpinus betulus Fastigiata has a uniquely upright and dense foliage, creating a tight flame like shape, making it a wonderful slender specimen. The tree is brilliant to create uniformity used in street tree situation, also forms stunning avenues.

The tough tree is suitable for many locations, including exposed positions, can be planted in most soil types as well as attracting an abundance of wildlife.

Carpinus betulus Fastigiata also provides attractive foliage, the mid-green leaves are ovate, ribbed and finely serrated. Long green spring catkins appear followed by winged fruits. The autumnal colours are a varied mixture of yellows and oranges, providing interest for most of the year.

FACT: The name Hornbeam is derived from the fact the timber is exceptionally hard and hard wearing.
Typically it was used for the replaceable teeth on timber cog wheels in wind and water mills.

Plant Profile

Name: Carpinus betulus Fastigiata

Common Name: Upright Hornbeam

Family: Betulaceae

Height: 12m +

Width: 8-10m spread


Soil: Well drained chalk, clay, loam or sand - Will tolerate most soil types

Foliage: Ribbed, serrated ovate leaves

Flowers: Hop-like fruit clusters in late summer

Carpinus betulus Fastigiata info sheet

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