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Liriodendron tulipifera - Tulip Tree

Liriodendron tulipifera is a firm favourite with all the staff at Deepdale Trees. This a large, fast growing and long lived tree, can reach to more than 35m high with tall straight stems.

Its unique feature is the deciduous foliage, a glossy green leaf with four lobes and appearing to have been cut off at the top. In autumn, the colour is a fantastic as it turns shades of golden yellows and coppery browns.

In early summer, semi-mature specimens (15-20 years+) of this tree produce exquisite flowers, tulip shaped and yellow with an orange flare at the base. These are followed by an upright cluster of single winged seeds, not dissimilar in appearance to a cone. Also with maturity, the light grey corky bark of the Tulip tree often forms intricate patterns of vertical ridges.

This plants tolerance of pollution, makes it a great urban tree where space permits. It requires a moist fertile soil, ideally slightly acidic but can tolerate chalk. Plant in full sun or part shade.

FACT: The fine grain and large trunk made this an ideal tree for Native Americans to use for canoes.

Plant Profile

Name: Liriodendron tulipifera

Common Name: Tulip Tree

Family: Magnoliaceae

Height: 30-40m

Demands: Full sun or part shade and a moist fertile soil.

Foliage: Unique, four lobed glossy leaves

Flower: Yellow with orange centre, tulip shaped

Bark: Grey and corky, forms intricate patters with age

Fruit: Clusters of winged seeds, similar to a cone.

Liriodendron tulipifera info sheet

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