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Tilia x euchlora - Caucasian or Crimean Lime

The Tilia x euchlora is an unmistakable large deciduous tree with spreading or arching branches and green young shoots bearing deep green heart shaped leaves, a character of the lime, which turn yellow in autumn.

The intoxicatingly fragrant creamy yellow drooping flowers appear in clusters of 3-8 in mid summer. Whilst it can grow to be quite large it is a tough and tolerant tree which enables it to be a perfect addition to a planting scheme or avenue.

The foliage due to its dark green colour does not suffer from aphid infestations which means you do not get the black fungus-infested honeydew which makes a mess on urban pavements and parked cars usually associated with an infestation.

FACT: The branches of the Tilia used to be commonly coppiced and the foliage used as fodder for cattle which improves their milk.

Plant Profile

Name: Tilia x euchlora

Common Name: Caucasian or Crimean Lime

Family: Malvaceae

Height: higher than 15 metres

Width: wider than 8 metres

Demands: Full Sun, / partial shade

Soil: Chalk, Loam, Sand, and Clay

Foliage: Deciduous

Flower: Fragrant Cream

Hardiness: Hardy in the severest of European climates.

Tilia x euchlora info sheet

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