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Prunus Shirotae - Mount Fuji Cherry

Prunus ‘Shirotae’ is a small (to 6m) but strong growing variety with a gently weeping form when young. As the tree matures it develops almost horizontal branches which give it the classic Japanese outline with a flat spreading crown.

The Mount Fuji Cherry is one of the first Japanese cherries to flower in spring. It usually blooms in mid April, before the leaves emerge, when it is covered with dazzling white, semi-double, honey scented blossoms. The bright green leaves are distinctively fringed and turn glowing hues of yellows and oranges in autumn.

Prunus ‘Shirotae’ will grow best in a fertile, free draining soil in full sun. It does not like wet soils or shallow chalk. Because of the spreading, mature form of this tree, it is not suitable for areas where it needs to be driven or walked under.

Available for Deepdale Trees as a standard or multistemmed plant.

FACT: Named because when in flower, it is reminiscent of the snowcapped peak of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Plant Profile

Name: Prunus Shirotae

Common Name: Mount Fuji Cherry

Family: Rosaceae

Height: up to 6m with a similar spread

Demands: Well drained fertile soil. Not suitable for wet ground

Foliage: Mid-green foliage, obovate to a point with a serrated margin

Flower: Glorious white, semi double, fragranced flowers in spring

Bark: Reddish brown bark with a slight sheen and distinctive horizontal lenticels, typical of Prunus genus.

Prunus Shirotae info sheet