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Juglans regia - Common Walnut

Juglans regia is a medium-sized, broad crowned deciduous tree.

Their medium green leaves which appear in late spring / early summer are pinnate with 5-7 large oblong leaflets, aromatic when bruised they tend to fall between October to November.

In April/May yellow/green male catkins of up to 10cm in length appear from auxiliary buds, the female flowers are smaller, inconspicuous green and globose appearing on the same tree at the tips of the branches.

Fruits are green and globose, around 5cm in width, and contain an edible nut.

The bark is initially silver grey and smooth, greybrown to blackish brown and deeply fissured later on.

FACT: The distinguishing feature that separates Juglans from other pinnate leaved trees is that if the shoot is cut along its length, the pith can be seen to be divided into compartments which resemble the rungs of a ladder.

Plant Profile

Name: Juglans regia

Common Name: Common Walnut

Family: Juglandaceae

Height: Above 15 metres

Width: Over 10 metres

Demands: Prefers full fun, in either sheltered or exposed settings

Soil: Any well drained soils

Foliage: Deciduous

Fruits: 5cm green and globose with edible nuts

Juglans regia info sheet

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