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Acer x freemanii - Freeman’s Maple

Acer x freemanii is a hybrid of its two North American parents, Acer saccharinum (Silver Maple) and Acer rubrum (Red Maple). It takes the best qualities from each, hardiness and resilience from the Silver Maple, attractive colouring from the Red Maple, overall making it a superb tree.

It is a fast growing, oval crowned, deciduous tree, ideal for large gardens and open spaces. In Spring, the leaves appear, 3-5 lobes and deeply cut, turning dark green and the season progresses. As the Autumn sets in, the blaze of red foliage creates a marvellous impact. Unlike Acer rubrum, acid soils are not required to ensure the intense colour.

A resistance to most pests and diseases also make it a popular choice and you will often find that it is widely planted throughout the United States.

Plant Profile

Name: Acer x freemanii

Common Name: Freeman’s Maple

Family: Aceraceae

Height: Approximately 20m height

Demands: Ideal on a well drained soil but tolerant of a wide range of conditions . Very good in urban environments

Foliage: Deeply cut, lobed leaves, dark green in Summer and fiery red in Autumn.

Acer x freemanii info sheet

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