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Prunus accolade - Cherry ‘Accolade’

The incredible blooms of Prunus Accolade hail the beginning of spring at Deepdale Trees. This versatile hybrid cherry combines the early flowering of Prunus subhirtella with the bright pink blossom and good autumn colour of Prunus sargentii.

Accolade is one of the first cherries in bloom, bearing large clusters of pure pink semi-double flowers which fade to light pink. It also has a very attractive smooth reddish-brown bark, marked with horizontal lenticels. In autumn the fresh green leaves turn yellow-orange.

This plant is tolerant of most soils including calcareous ones, making it a good choice some problem areas.

FACT: In Australia and New Zealand cherries are widely associated with Christmas.

Plant Profile

Name: Prunus accolade

Common Name: Cherry ‘Accolade’

Family: Rosaceae

Height: 5-8m

Demands: Tolerant of most soils including chalk

Foliage: Elliptical to a point, yellow-orange in autumn

Flower: Pure pink, semi double in dense clusters

Bark: Smooth red-brown, with vertical lenticels

Prunus accolade info sheet

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