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Prunus maackii Amber Beauty - Manchurian Cherry

A strong growing decorative ornamental cherry tree, which gives year round interest. The Prunus maackii Amber Beauty’s crowning glory is its shiny shimmering golden brown to copper yellow smoothly polished bark, peeling off the stem in horizontal rolled strips.

Plant Profile

Name: Prunus maackii Amber Beauty

Common Name: Manchurian Cherry

Family: Rosaceae

Height: Up to above 6 metres

Width: Up to 4-6 metres

Demands: Full Sun / Light Shade

Soil: Tolerates all cultivated garden soils preferring soil which is moist, nutrient-rich and sandy

Fruits: Small Round and Black

Bark: Shiny cinnamon-red or golden brown that peels off in thin papery strips horizontally

Prunus maackii Amber Beauty info sheet