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Malus Rudolph - Crab apple 'Rudolph'

Malus Rudolph is definitely our favourite pink flowering crab apple and for good reason.

This small tree is upright when young, but develops a rounded crown with maturity, reaching up to 7m in height. You certainly can’t beat its late spring display of rose pink flowers, which are framed by the newly emerging purple - red leaves. Over the summer, the foliage then turns a dark green but still with hint of bronze and with the red veins and stem remaining.

For autumn, you are treated to the yellow foliage colour and small, glossy, orange red fruits which hang on the branches well into the winter. All these attributes combined with the wonderfully textured bark make this a brilliant choice for year round interest.

Another reason we are so keen on this tree is its resistance to pests and diseases; its even resistant to scab unlike many Malus varieties!

Malus Rudolph is tolerant of pollution and most soil types except wet / waterlogged. Plant in full sun to get the best colour from the foliage and with a little protection to get the best show of flowers and fruit.

FACT: Malus Rudolph is a popular variety due to its resistance to scab.

Plant Profile

Name: Malus Rudolph

Common Name: Crab apple 'Rudolph'

Family: Rosaceae

Height: 5-7m

Demands: Tolerant of most soils types except wet. Plant in a sunny slightly sheltered location to get the best from this tree.

Foliage: Bronze-red in spring turning deep green-purple

Flower: Intense deep pink flowers in late spring

Fruit: Orange-red crab apples in autumn through to winter

Bark: Reddish-brown bark with long fissures as it ages.

Malus Rudolph info sheet