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Osmanthus aquifolium - Holly Olive

Osmanthus aquifolium is a is a hybrid Osmanthus that originates in Japan. It is a cross between Osmanthus heterophyllus and Osmanthus fragrans. it is a small multistemmed tree with sharply serrated, deep green, glossy, leathery leaves.

Fragrant Flowers appear in mid to late autumn in clusters of small white blooms hidden amongst the leaves and branches. Their sweet fragrance recalling a mixture of orange blossoms and plums, wonderfully strong and refreshing for the autumn months.

Osmanthus aquifolium is a brilliant evergreen that works wonderfully as specimen multistem or can be used as an alternative to other evergreens for screening.

Best grown in full sun on fertile, well drained soil.

Plant Profile

Name: Osmanthus aquifolium

Common Name: Holly Olive

Family: Oleaceae

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