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Osmanthus armatus - Devil Wood

Osmanthus armatus is known for its jasmine fragranced flowers and deep evergreen colour. It is a great plant for hedging and topiary due to its dense foliage. It prefers to be planted in a more sheltered situation as it does not like cold winds.

Not only is it generally pest free, it is also resistant to most garden diseases.

With a maximum height of 5m it is perfect tree for smaller spaces and is very easy to maintain. It can withstand heavy pruning and is happy to be grown in pots or containers.

The best time to seed this tree is in early Autumn. At this time you will see stunning white blooms appear among the greenery. Though the young leaves are noticeably spiney, spines are often completely absent from the mature, adult leaf.

FACT: Despite this tree tolerating heavy pruning particularly well, it is called Devil wood due to the fine textured wood. This makes it incredibly hard to work with as it splits very easily.

Plant Profile

Height: 3-5 metres

Width: 4 metres

Demands: Sun or partial shade

Soil: Well drained

Foliage: Evergreen

Flowers: Sweet olive flowers in mid to end autumn with a jasmine fragrance

Osmanthus armatus info sheet

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