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Ligustrum japonicum - Japanese Privet

Ligustrum japonicum is a versatile, fast growing tree.

As it is evergreen, it is perfect as a pleached tree for privacy, due to the full coverage crown, but little room taken by the stem. Its roots are not invasive so it can be planted closer to structures than other trees.

Clusters of blossom appear between mid-summer and autumn, with beautiful white flowers. Each cluster has hundreds of tiny little blooms, which turn the tree snowy white. As the blossom fades room is made for the glossy berries to grow. Although they are toxic to humans, birds love them, especially during the winter months when food is harder to come by.

Another great positive of this specimen, is that it thrives in almost all soils, especially moist ground. However, ensuring it still has good drainage is key.

FACT: Although you should not eat the fruit of Ligustrum japonicum, it is used in herbal medicine. Its extracts show antibacterial and antiucler activity which creates a laxative and tonic treatment. Helping your stomach and liver health.

Plant Profile

Height: 4.-0-6.0m

Width: 2.5m-4.0m

Demands: Full or partial sun

Soil: Prefers well drained soil, tolerant to most

Foliage: Evergreen

Flowers: Produces small, scented flowers from mid-summer to early autumn

Ligustrum japonicum info sheet

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