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Crataegus prunifolia - Broad-leaved Cockspur Thorn

Crataegus prunifolia is a small, compact tree tolerant of almost all sites and with three season of interest makes a great plant for most locations.

It is the thorniest of the hawthorns with long sharp thorns widely spaced along the branches but not on the trunk.

Small white flowers appear in late spring, larger and later than the common Hawthorn, but still clustered along the stems.

In summer it has oval, glossy green leaves with a toothed margin. Later they change to a combination of yellow, orange and red so intense that it looks ablaze. The colour of the autumn foliage coincides with plentiful, plump red berries which provide a feast for wild birds.

Crataegus prunifolia is adaptable and not demanding. A good choice for coastal and urban planting with a tolerance of pollution, heat, and wind. It grows well in most soil conditions including dry and wet.

Plant Profile

Height: 7-9m

Demands: Most soil conditions except waterlogged.
Tolerates wide range of conditions

Foliage: Ovate with a serrated margin. Hard to beat for autumn colour

Flower: White flowers in May / June, slightly larger than common Hawthorn

Fruit: Red berries add to the autumn colour

Crataegus prunifolia info sheet

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