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Crataegus coccinea - Scarlett Hawthorn

Crataegus coccinea is a small deciduous shrub, native to North East America. The Crataegus has a relatively broad upright growth habit, often grown in multi stemmed / umbrella form.

Crategus coccinea is an attractive variety of the Hawthorn family, bearing lovely spring blossom in clusters of white flowers, with pink centres. The flowers are followed by round fruits that ripen to a bright and vibrant scarlet in September - October, these often persist to early winter and are enjoyed by the birds.

The leaves are broadly ovate, with distinctively serrated edges and a short, pointed lobe. During the spring/summer months the leaves are a rich green colour, as the seasons progress into autumn they change to intense deep orange, red, purple shades offering gorgeous autumnal colour.

FACT: Crataegus coccinea is a species of Hawthorn where there has been considerable confusion regarding it’s name for a long time. It has been shown as the same as Crataegus pedicellata.
However, under the rules of botanical nomenclature, the older name Crataegus coccinea should be used.

Plant Profile

Height: 5-7m

Width: 3-4m spread


Soil: Tolerates most soils, prefers medium heavy to light soils, neutral to strongly alkaline but can adapt to most pH levels.

Foliage: Ovate with pointed lobe and serrated edges

Flowers: White with Pink Stamens

Crataegus coccinea info sheet

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