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Styrax japonica - Japanese Snowbell

Commonly known as the Japanese snowball, Styrax japonicus is a deciduous shrub native to eastern Asia, growing to a maximum height of approximately 15 metres.

Oval leaves are glossy green, turning orange and yellow in autumn. Small white, bell shaped flowers with yellow stamens bloom profusely in springtime and hang from the branches. The fragrant scented flowers are very popular with bees and the fruits are loved by birds.

The blossom is followed by round, grey-green fruits with long stalks. Inside holds the hard seeds which historically were used to make insecticide. Although the fruit is edible, it is usually grown for its beautiful , ornamental shape.

The Japanese snowball is best grown on well drained, fertile soil in full sun or partial shade. It is slow growing, pest free and disease resistant making it a fantastic, low maintenance tree.

FACT: The best season to see this tree is during the spring months when the green leaves fill the branches and delicate, bell-shaped flowers bloom.

Plant Profile

Height: 10-15 metres

Width: 6-8 metres

Demands: Full sun or partial shade in a sheltered location

Soil: Moist, well drained

Foliage: Glossy green leaves, turning orange and yellow in autumn

Flowers: White, bell shaped flowers with yellow stamens bloom in spring

Styrax japonica info sheet

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