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Gleditsia triacanthos - Honey Locust

Gleditsia triacanthos is a deciduous, fast growing tree. It has an open habit, casting only a light shade underneath its canopy. Tolerance of pollution makes it an ideal tree for urban planting.

Thornless varieties such as Sunburst and Inermis are available though they will produce few, if any, seed pods. Sunburst makes a good substitute for Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia which can be brittle.

In the past, the pulp for the seed pods has been used to brew beer and the thorns used for nails. There is a small market for Honey Locust furniture as it is a high quality wood which polishes well.

FACT: The name honey locust comes from the sweet pulp inside the seed pods which was eaten by Native Americans.

Plant Profile

Height: up to 20m depending on variety

Shape: Medium-large oval shaped, open tree

Demands: Sun - very light shade, well drained soils

Flowers: Inconspicuous green - white flowers

Fruit: Long, flat, slightly twisted seed pods

Bark: Grey with elongated 'plates'. Stems and trunk can have large, branched thorns. Thornless varieties are available

Autumn Colour: Golden Yellow

Gleditsia triacanthos info sheet

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