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Prunus serrulata Tai Haku - Great White Cherry

Famed for its majestic pure white blossom, Prunus Tai Haku can be seen in many of Japan’s historical and ancient artwork depicting Japanese landscape. Once believed to be extinct and the beautiful tree lost forever, it was found in the most unlikely of places - in a hobbyist’s garden in Sussex, UK.

Prunus Tai Haku’s brilliant white blossom is formed of single white flowers with not a hint of pink. The coppery green leaves that unfold after the blossom begins just accentuates the bright white bloom.

Once the blossom has ended the leaves turn a lovely bright green, eventually developing orange shades of gold during the autumn months.

The tree has a wide spreading canopy, usually wider than it is tall, making it a fantastic tree for larger gardens and public open spaces.

FACT: Japanese Proverb: ‘The cherry is the first among flowers as the samurai is among men’

Plant Profile

Height: 5-9m

Width: 8m+

Demands: Full sun, all aspect facing

Soil: Moist but well-drained, Chalk, Clay, Loam and Sand

Foliage: Bronze- green leaves

Flowers: Pure white single flowers

Prunus serrulata Tai Haku info sheet

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