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Malus Evereste - Crab Apple

Malus Evereste is a conical tree with dark green, 8-11cm (3-4in) long. It is an excellent tree for spring blossom. The flowers are freely borne, 5cm (2in) across, red in bud but open white. In autumn it gives another fantastic show, with good colour, and masses of red-flushed, orange-yellow fruits 2.5cm (1in) across, which hang on through the winter.

It grows to a height of 7m (22ft), and spread of 6m (20ft), and grows best in moderately fertile moist but well-drained soil. Full sun is preferred, although partial shade is tolerated. This variety is one of the most disease resistant crab apples, and will also tolerate pollution.

Malus Evereste is a very versatile plant, available in many forms, including: standard, multistem, umbrella, roof shape, instant hedge.

FACT: Crabapple has been listed as one of the 38 plants that are used to prepare Bach flower remedies.

Plant Profile

Height: 5-7m

Demands: Flowers and fruits best in a sunny location

Foliage: Relatively small, elliptical green leaves. Orange and yellow in Autumn

Flower: Pink buds open to white flowers in spring

Fruit: Clusters of small apples ripen to orange-red in autumn and hang on well into the winter

Malus Evereste info sheet

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