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Prunus avium Plena - Double Flowering Wild Cherry

Prunus avium Plena is the spectacular double flowered variety of our native wild cherry which has been in cultivation for over 200 years.

It is a medium sized, deciduous tree which can reach up to 15m in height and grows with an conical open shape and an even, symmetrical crown. Ideally it is planted as a park or woodland tree but it can also be used in urban environments given the right conditions.

In Spring, the magnificence of this tree shows when it is laden with the brilliant double white flowers, hanging in pendulous clusters from the branches.

The leaves emerge with a bronze tinge to them, becoming mid green and elliptical as they mature. In Autumn they turn vibrant shades of reds, oranges and yellows. Plena is a sterile variety and so has no fruit unlike Prunus avium.

Like most varieties of ornamental cherry, Prunus avium Plena grows best in a position with full sun and a neutral-alkaline, free draining soil (not acidic). They don’t like to get their feet wet and so will not tolerate waterlogged or wet ground.

Plant Profile

Height: 10-15m

Demands: Full sun and free draining neutral-alkaline soil

Foliage: Bronze tinged in Spring, later with long elliptical leaves

Flower: Masses of pure white, double flowers in Spring

Bark: Chestnut bark with prominent horizontal lenticels. Becomes silvery with age.

Fruit: Sterile variety so should produce no fruit

Prunus avium Plena info sheet

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