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Pinus mugo - Dwarf Mountain Pine

Pinus mugo, commonly known as Mountain pine is a species native to southwestern, southeast and central Europe . It can be grown in a number of forms, mostly being a shrub/bush but can also be a beautiful multi stem or small, broad rounded tree.

It is a carefree evergreen as it very hardy to the cold and is adaptable to most well drained soils. For best results, it is advised to plant in full sun or partial sun. Perfect for costal gardens, it can also withstand harsh winds and does well in both exposed or sheltered placement. It is great as ground cover as its dense, green foliage will grow within inches of the soil.

It is a slow growing pine and can take up to 50 years for Mountain pine to reach its full height but if pruned out of season, it will stop growing. New buds will not grow from old growth so it should not be pruned during the colder months.

With so many variations of Pinus mugo, nearly all forms can be possible. For instance, Pinus mugo mops are perfect for smaller shrubs as they do not grow above 1.2m. However Pinus mugo Rostrata can grow in standard form and reach heights of 8m.

FACT: There are at least 50 named selections of Pinus mugo which vary in size and overall shape.
A way to identify a Pinus mugo is that in the winter, the colour often turns yellowish-green. Also, their cones are at a right angle, rather than reflecting down the stem.

Plant Profile

Height: 4.0-6.0m

Width: 4.0-8.0m

Demands: Full sun

Soil: Well drained

Foliage: Evergreen

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