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Acer campestre - Field Maple

Acer campestre is a deciduous, medium sized tree which is native to England and much of Europe.

In spring, inconspicuous yellow green flowers emerge at the same time as the foliage. The leaves turn a lush green and have five deep, rounded lobes. When autumn comes, the foliage changes to a glorious shade of yellow and winged fruits hang in clusters from the stems.

The bark is also interesting, finely fissured and corky bark also giving good interest at other times of year. The wood is hard and strong and can make furniture and musical instruments, though the relatively slow growth means it is not commonly used.

Contrary to popular opinion, Acer campestre is not just a wildlife friendly hedging plant. This is a highly versatile and underrated variety which can be grown and trained into many different forms. When trained into an umbrella or pleached form, it takes on a fantastic architectural quality which allows it to be used in formal schemes and even show gardens.

It is also available as a standard, multistem, hedging or bonsai / cloud pruned plant.

FACT: The timber from the field maple can be used for woodturning and carving. The dwarf cultivar ‘Microphyllum’ is especially popular with bonsai enthusiasts.

Plant Profile

Height: 12-15m

Demands: Suitable for a wide range of soils. Also tolerant of drought, air pollution, wind exposure and to a degree, soil compaction and salty air.

Foliage: Small, dark green, 5-lobed leaves. Brilliant gold in Autumn

Flower: Inconspicuous small flowers in spring

Fruit: Winged seeds in clusters in autumn

Bark: Pale brown with close ridges; slightly corky

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