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Prunus sargentii - Sargents Cherry

Prunus sargentii is commonly known as the Sargents cherry. It is native to Japan and was introduced to the United Kingdom at the beginning of the twentieth century.

It is a fabulous small tree with a compact crown. The ovate leaves emerge reddish bronze in colour and contrast beautifully against the abundant single pink flowers. The leaves then turn dark green in summer before unleashing one of the best autumn displays turning fiery orange and red.

This is a relatively fast growing tree which transplants easily and is great for both garden and street plating. Will do best on a free draining soil.

FACT: Prunus sargentii flowers in April, then produces purple black berries which are a favourite of the birds due to their size and colour.
FACT: The wood has been used for timber in Japan for many years.
FACT: Great for planting in shady areas.

Plant Profile

Height: 6-12m

Width: 6-8m

Demands: Full sun to partial shade in any aspect

Soil: Well drained loam, clay, or sand

Foliage: Deciduous

Flowers: Pink

Prunus sargentii info sheet

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