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Prunus laurocerasus - Cherry Laurel

Prunus laurocerasus is a vigorous, large and spreading evergreen shrub which can grow to both 8m high and wide. It is tolerant to cutting and regenerates well, making it perfect for topiary and clipped shapes. Easy to grow, it will tolerate most soils as well as some shade and has a low maintenance requirement. It is extremely hardy and able to tolerate temperatures down as low as minus 20.

Cherry laurel has handsome, glossy dark green leaves which grow up to 15cm in length. The leaves are thick and leathery to the touch with a slender and broadly elliptical shape. It produces small white flowers in erect racemes up to 12cm in length between May and June which are followed by cherry-like glossy red fruits which soon turn to black.

Plant Profile

Name: Prunus laurocerasus

Common Name: Cherry Laurel

Family: Rosaceae

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