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Platanus orientalis Minaret - Old world Sycamore

Platanus orientalis Minaret is a Dutch selection of Platanus orientalis. It is a deciduous tree with widely spreading branches which forms a compact, column-shaped crown and is slightly slower growing than the species. It makes a brilliant avenue or street tree and is the perfect choice for our future climate.

It has highly dissected leaves and decorative fruits that dangle in branchlets of 3 to 5 round, spikey clusters. The bark of the Platanus orientalis Minaret is also of interest. During the seasons, the bark peels off in sections, creating the camouflage like pattern commonly seen on the London Plane.

Platanus orientalis Minaret is a strong tree that tolerates air pollution and compaction, it also does well on all soils, including clay.

Plant Profile

Name: Platanus orientalis Minaret

Common Name: Old world Sycamore

Family: Platanaceae

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