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Project Name: London Family Garden

Client: McWilliam Studio
Location: Kensington, London

In collaboration with:

McWilliam Studio

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Nestled among the exclusive streets of west London, this listed family home is situated within the local conservation area and features spacious grounds to both the front and rear. In addition to extensive renovations to the property, the owners engaged award-winning landscape architects McWilliam Studio to transform the outdoor space and Deepdale were appointed as the exclusive supplier for the trees that featured in the striking new garden design.

The objective was to create enhanced synergy between the house and gardens and improve the accessibility of the grounds to form an immersive environment. The natural slope to the rear that previously inhibited access to the higher levels of the site was replaced by multiple terraces that allowed the whole area to be enjoyed as a private space to entertain, relax, and play.

Improved privacy from passing traffic was achieved using pleached Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam), which brought structure to the front boundary and framed the main gated access.

A multi-stem Acer campestre was introduced to replace a decayed Liriodendron and provide some privacy from the neighbouring property. Sitting within a deep bed featuring perennials and ornamental grasses, it also adds height and contrast to the low-level yew (Taxus baccata) hedges that border the walkway.

Evenly spaced mature multi-stemmed Crataegus monogyna explode from deep perennial borders to provide privacy and shade. Their cream flowers create a sense of calm in warmer months and red berries add a splash of colour in the autumn.

Stylish clipped cubes of Taxus baccata introduce order and structure in alignment with the Luciano Etched sandstone paving and central lawn area.

Laceleaf Japanese maples are perfect for large pots and generate interest in lower paved areas, featuring feathery leaves which emerge in early spring and display the most gorgeous burgundy red, and remain in deep colour all summer and into the autumn.

The project introduced a total of 15 new trees to compliment the healthy mature specimens that were retained on the site.

The introduction of Hawthorn blossom as a key feature accentuates the ornamental meadow theme where perennials and grasses of varying heights, textures, and colours occupy deep borders and defined paths open access to a layered oasis of calm.

Stylish evergreen Taxus baccata, known as the King of Hedges, in eye-catching topiary shapes compliment the architectural specimens within the planting beds and perfectly frame the individual spaces introduced by the new design.

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