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Prunus schmittii - Hybrid Cherry

Prunus x schmittii is a Chinese hybrid between Prunus avium and Prunus caescens, originally created in 1923. The tree is a fast growing tree, with a narrow vase-shaped crown.

The tree flowers in April and May with small, non-showy pale pink blossom , it also has a bark that is remarkably glossy and brown-ish red with horizontal stripes (lenticels). In the Autumn the leaves turn a pretty yellow-orange colour adding some flare to the tree. The bark helps to maintain interest all year round.

Due to the tree being a hybrid, it is less prone to disease than other Prunus.

FACT: Schmittii is the name for this hybrid between Prunus plena Avium and Prunus canescens.

Plant Profile

Height: 7-12 metres

Width: 2.5– 3.0 metres

Demands: Sunny aspect

Soil: Moist but well-drained Clay, Chalk, Loam and Sand Soil

Foliage: Deciduous green leaves

Flowers: Light pink

Prunus x schmittii info sheet

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