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The Benefits of Using Hedging in Your Landscape Project

Deepdale Trees Ltd is a professional tree specialist within the landscaping and gardening industry. Since 1995, we have been a leading supplier of semi-mature trees and shrubs to the professional trade market across the United Kingdom. With our outstanding reputation and friendly service, we understand the importance of making your gardening visions a reality.

The benefits of hedging are undeniable, and our team is available to discuss this further with you today. Below, we have compiled a list of handy hedging hacks and why you should consider using hedging in your landscape projects. Please contact our gardening experts at Deepdale Trees Ltd and allow us to guide you through our hedging services.

Encourages Biodiversity

All ecologists agree on the benefits of hedging and biodiversity. Hedging and shrubland are vital in maintaining diverse and complex ecosystems, as the hedgerows provide crucial nutrients and resources to mammals, birds, and insect species. These animals can create sustainable habitats in hedges, contributing to the overall stability of the environment. Hedging is a sustainable solution to enhance your outdoor space, as it is both low-maintenance and permanent. Be an eco-warrior today and learn more about hedging with Deepdale Trees Ltd.

Shield From Winds

Hedgerows and shrubland provide shelter from the elements, protecting wildlife and other plants in your landscaping projects. This encourages healthy plant growth, contributing to an effective microclimate for your garden. You should consider hedging if you are searching for a solution to strong winds during the winter months.

Enhance Your Gardening Aesthetics

Hedging has many benefits concerning the appearance of your landscaping projects. It is a gardening feature that can add visual interest to your landscape, such as with topiary where gardeners create intricate shapes, encouraging gardening creativity. Ornamental shapes, geometric borders, and backgrounds can be made with hedging, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal.


Make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable with hedging. Outdoor living areas can be shielded from public view and nearby traffic, granting you more privacy and freedom with your landscape projects. Our team can recommend different species, considering the height, density, and quantity required for your individual project.

Create a Peaceful Space

Hedging allows designers to shield their space from unattractive objects such as fencing and sheds, enhancing the overall appearance. Furthermore, by incorporating hedges into your landscape design, you create a peaceful environment as the hedging barriers reduce noise levels, such as from distance traffic.