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Project Name: Parsonage Farm

Client: Rutrecht & Kimberley
Location: Essex

In collaboration with:

Rutrecht & Kimberley

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Situated in the serene Essex countryside, Parsonage Farm is a stunningly beautiful oasis covering 4 acres where contemporary meets traditional. Commissioned to design a new garden with a pool and large entertainment area as its showpiece, landscape designers Rutrecht & Kimberley introduced modern elements into the rural setting to provide a perfect combination of intimate areas and open spaces that allows enjoyment of the full site.

Contemporary paving surrounds the new pool area, with multi-stem Osmanthus used to add structure and symmetry to the immediate area and Taxus baccata (Common Yew) evergreens spaced within perennial beds that nestle at the foot of the surrounding walls.

The space opens on one side to extensive lawns with a variety of mature specimen trees including Parrotia persica (Persian Ironwood), Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) and a large group of Acers to guarantee year-round interest with explosions of rich colour and texture in all seasons.

The patio area close to the family home and bordering the pool terrace offers extensive space for entertaining and socialising, with a substantial pergola spanning a large formal seating area where guests can enjoy newly opened views across the lake and countryside beyond.

The extended paving is infused by umbrella-pleached Platanus x acerfolia which rises majestically above the wooden structure to provide diners with much-needed shade on hot summer afternoons.

Deep beds of perennials add splashes of colour, with additional evergreen conifers strategically placed to frame walkways and add height.

More than 40 trees were supplied to complete the project with many grown using the innovative Air-Pot® growing system.

The system utilises a recycled honeycomb sleeve which surrounds the root ball and prevents root circling, allowing for easier management and safeguarding healthy growth.

Once on-site, individual trees are carefully lifted and transferred from vehicles to their location on the site plan where they can be planted and quickly establish.