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An Introduction to Topiary

Topiary is sometimes cast aside as a jargon term or outdated activity. For those curious enough to know more, it is best to start with the fact that topiary simply and literally means ‘ornamental gardening.’

What Is Topiary?

Foliage may be trimmed and pruned into a limitless miscellany of designs to suit the space you have in mind. Essentially, the gardening technique is interior decorating, but for your garden and outdoor spaces.

What is a Topiarist?

Otherwise known as a topiary artist, topiarists are skilled professionals who carry out the task of clipping, shaping, and generally sprucing up your trees and bushes. Topiarists may be hired by restaurants, the owners of public gardens and stately homes, or private individuals wishing to improve the general ambience of their outdoor spaces. Deepdale Trees has access to a team of specialists who nurture, curate, and maintain your envisioned designs.

Can any plant be shaped by Topiary?

Theoretically, the answer to this question is yes. However, for the gardening practice to be worthwhile, it is generally carried out on perennial plants, which are plants that last more than two years. Instead of having to craft new trees and bushes into eye-catching shapes year upon year, topiarists can simply re-shape the existing shapes in the foliage. Some typical subjects for topiary include Phillyrea latifolia (Green Olive), Taxus baccata (Yew), Ligustrum ovalifolium (Privet), Laurus nobilis (Bay), and Ilex (Holly).

Are there different types of topiary?

You can let your imagination run wild when pondering topiary-related designs. The types of topiary may be divided into a few broad categories: Geometric (cubes, obelisks, spheres, cones, and pyramids), Patterned (tapering spirals and asymmetrical shapes), and Fanciful (animals, statues, and more). The type of shaping selected will, of course, depend on if you wish to use topiary as a means on its own or a means to an end.

Why is topiary relevant to me?

Topiary as a type of gardening has been practiced since antiquity, meaning it has a colourful and shapely past. But why should it pique your interest? Perhaps you are a keen landscape designer, a business owner in need of sprucing up your event space, or simply a person wishing to pick up a new hobby. Advice on all the above can be found on the Deepdale Trees website.