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Osmanthus x Burkwoodii - Sweet Olive

Osmanthus x burkwoodii or sweet olive as it is commonly known, is a small leaved shrub with white spring flowers. The dark green glossy leaves contrast fantastically against the flower which is highly fragrant with a jasmine like scent. It is commonly planted near the house in order to maximise enjoyment of the intoxicating aroma in spring.

Plant Profile

Name: Osmanthus x Burkwoodii

Common Name: Sweet Olive

Family: Oleaceae

Height: 2.5-5.0m

Width: 2.5-5.0m

Demands: All aspects

Soil: Well-drained, sand, loam, clay or chalk.

Foliage: Evergreen

Flowers: Fragrant Creamy white flowers

Osmanthus x Burkwoodii info sheet