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Clerodendron trichotomum - Harlequin glorybower

Clerodendron trichotomum is a deciduous large shrub / small tree originating from West China, it was first introduced to the UK in the 1880s and has been a hit ever since. The shrub offers interest all year-round, with both it’s flowers and berries.

The Clerodendron trichiotomum offers a slightly more exotic interest into the garden, with it’s fragrant bright white flowers that appear mid-late summer, yielding a lingering spice perfume in the mid-summer air.

The berries on the Clerodendron trichotomum provides us with distinct autumnal joys. Held open in bunches the bright blue berries are set like jewels in a crimson, fleshy star.

FACT: This highly interesting tree won the Royal Horticultural Society’s First Class Certificate in 1893.

Plant Profile

Name: Clerodendron trichotomum

Common Name: Harlequin glorybower

Family: Lamiaceae

Height: 4-8 metres

Width: 4-8 metres

Demands: Moist but well drained—Chalk, Clay, Loam and Sand

Foliage: Deciduous

Flowers: White

Fruit: Bright blue berries

Clerodendron trichotomum info sheet

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