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Prunus serrula - Tibetan Cherry

Prunus serrula is a small, round headed, deciduous tree ideal for small gardens or areas with limited space. It was introduced to this country from West China in the early 20th Century. The attractive polished bark provides winter interest and ensures it makes a stunning specimen plant.

In Spring, single, white flowers appear in clusters amongst the newly emerging foliage and are often followed by small fruit in autumn.

The leaves are dark green and narrow throughout the summer and turn yellow before falling in autumn.

Prunus serrula is available from Deepdale Trees as a standard or multistem plant.

FACT: The name 'serrula' is from the Latin for 'little saw' referring to the small, sawlike serrated edges on this variety of Prunus

Plant Profile

Name: Prunus serrula

Common Name: Tibetan Cherry

Family: Rosaceae

Height: approx. 10m

Demands: Like most cherries it thrives best on well drained soil

Foliage: Narrow, serrated leaves. Green in spring and summer, yellow in autumn

Bark: Shining, copper red, peeling bark

Flowers: Small, white flowers around April time

Prunus serrula info sheet

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