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Euonymus alatus - Winged Spindle or Burning Bush

Euonymus alatus is a slow growing, deciduous shrub, popularly grown as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens.

The word alatus is Latin for ‘winged’ referring to the unusual cork strips on the stems and branches.

The main feature is the foliage which turns a spectacular, fiery red in the autumn. It is best planted in a spot where the sun shines directly onto it to illuminate the brilliant colouring.

Small, green flowers in spring will become red - purple berries, attractive to the birds. Later, these will split open to reveal orange seeds, a feature of many Euonymus.

Euonymus alatus is available from Deepdale Trees as multi-stemmed plant.

Plant Profile

Name: Euonymus alatus

Common Name: Winged Spindle or Burning Bush

Family: Celastraceae

Height: 2-3m

Shape: Often grows to be wider than tall.

Demands: Full sun or partial shade, tolerant of most soil types

Flowers: Inconspicuous, green flowers in spring

Fruit: Small, inedible, red - purple berries

Autumn Colour: Vivid red foliage in autumn

Euonymus alatus info sheet

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