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Cornus kousa - Japanese Flowering Dogwood

Our June Tree of the month is Cornus kousa is a small tree or shrub, not usually exceeding 6m. It has a slow to medium growth rate and an upright habit, broadening with age. Cream flowers appear in early summer and last for several weeks, turning a slight pinkish brown as they get older. These are actually the bracts surrounding the true flowers which are inconspicuous. Strawberry like fruits are produced which are edible but not overly tasty! The foliage is green and ovate through the summer changing to reds and purples in autumn.

Cornus kousa is more robust than the other flowering dogwood, Cornus florida, and is also resistant the dogwood anthracnose disease making it a popular alternative.

Plant Profile

Name: Cornus kousa

Common Name: Japanese Flowering Dogwood

Family: Cornaceae

Height: up to 6m

Shape: upright when young but broadens with age

Demands: Full sun or partial shade, not tolerant of chalky soils

Flowers: Cream in early summer

Fruit: 2-3cm, strawberry like fruits

Autumn Colour: Foliage colours reds and purples

Cornus kousa info sheet

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