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Malus Red Sentinel - Japanese Flowering Crab Apple

Malus ‘red sentinel’ is a striking ornamental crab apple renowned for its abundance of bright red fruit and beautiful white blossom.

Typically growing to around 6.0-8.0 metres, it has a rounded form with a dense canopy. Leaves are deep green turning golden shades of yellow in autumn, adding to its seasonal interest.

The most notable feature of 'Red sentinel' is its profusion of small, glossy, cherry-red fruits that cover branches from late summer into winter, providing a vibrant display against the tree's dark green foliage. These persistent fruits not only add ornamental value but also serve as a food source for birds during colder months.

In spring, the tree produces fragrant pink buds that open into beautiful white blossoms, enhancing its appeal further. 'Red Sentinel' thrives in full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil, adapting well to various soil types, including clay and chalk.

FACT: This crab-apple cultivar is favoured in landscapes for its year-round interest, offering colourful fruit, stunning blossoms, and autumn foliage.
'Red sentinel' is relatively low-maintenance, resistant to many diseases and pests, making it a popular choice for gardeners seeking a visually appealing and resilient tree.

Plant Profile

Name: Malus Red Sentinel

Common Name: Japanese Flowering Crab Apple

Family: Rosaceae

Height: Approximately 4.0-8.0m

Width: Approximately 4.0-8.0m

Demands: Full sun or partial shade. Will tolerate wind and resistant to frost.

Soil: Will adapt to various soil types including clay and chalk. Prefers moist, well drained soil.

Foliage: Green leaves, turning yellow in autumn.

Flowers: White blossom in spring and red crab apples in autumn.

Malus Red Sentinel info sheet

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