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Viburnum opulus - Guelder-rose

Native to Europe, Northern Africa and Northern Asia, Viburnum opulus is a shrub growing to around 4.0-6.0 metres.

Commonly known as the Guelder-rose, it has distinctive clusters of showy, white flowers that appear in late spring to early summer. These flat-topped clusters, similar to those of a Hydrangea, are loved by pollinators and add elegance to a garden. Following this, the plant produces vibrant red berries that transition to shades of crimson as they mature.

The deciduous foliage is made of fresh green leaves, shaped similarly to those of an Acer. With deep lobes and serrated edge, they are most beautiful in autumn time when they turn vibrant shades of reds and purples.

Preferring moist, well drained soil, Viburnum opulus will thrive in various soil types. Pruning can help maintain its ornamental shape and encourages healthy growth.

FACT: Viburnum opulus is a great shrub for wildlife and animals. With no reported toxic effects, its great for gardens and also loved by wildlife. The flowers attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies and the berries provide food for birds and caterpillars

Plant Profile

Name: Viburnum opulus

Common Name: Guelder-rose

Family: Adoxaceae

Height: 4.0-6.0m

Width: 3.0-4.0m

Demands: Partial shade

Soil: Moist but well-drained

Foliage: Maple-like lobed leaves first emerge green, turning pinky red in autumn

Flowers: Clusters of white flowers emerge in spring followed by red berries

Viburnum opulus info sheet

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