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Photinia red robin - Christmas berry

Commonly known as the Christmas berry, Photinia Red Robin is a dense, evergreen shrub with an upright habit. At first, the crown is bushy and round before maturing into a more broad, pendulous form.

Leaves are bright red when young, later turning glossy dark green. Frequent pruning encourages the magnificent red foliage. However, if left unpruned, clusters of tiny delicate white flowers bloom in spring; contrasting the red leaves beautifully. This is then followed by red berries that turn black as they ripen; loved by birds and wildlife.

Originating in New Zealand, the hybrid has since received the RHS Award of Garden merit.

The Christmas berry tolerance to pruning makes it a great choice for hedging or pleaching. A popular choice as the red leaves make it that slightly more interesting. Best grown in full sun or partial shade on fertile, free draining soil.

FACT: Despite the name, birds are actually unlikely to nest in a Photinia Red Robin due to the open crown.
The name actually comes from the fresh red leaves emerging from the green, like robins flying out of the tree.

Plant Profile

Name: Photinia red robin

Common Name: Christmas berry

Family: Rosaceae

Height: 4.0-5.0m

Width: 2.0-4.0m

Demands: Full sun or partial shade

Soil: Fertile, well drained soil.

Foliage: Leaves first emerge red before maturing green.

Flowers: Clusters of tiny, delicate white flowers bloom in spring.

Photinia red robin info sheet

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