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Cedrus deodora - Deodar cedar

Native to the Himalayas, Cedrus deodora is a large evergreen conifer with a gentle weeping form.

As a young tree, the branches grow more upright, in a pyramidal form before broadening with age. Deodar cedar has long green needles with a slight blue hue. They grow in dense spiral clusters.

In its native habitat, the cedar can reach great heights of around 50 metres and live for thousands of years. However, in the UK, its maximum height is around 20 metres.

Female cones are barrel-shaped and release winged fruits as they mature. Whereas male cones are longer and shed pollen in autumn.

Its beautiful form and low maintenance makes it a fantastic tree for park planting or large gardens. It has also been used as an evergreen focal tree.

For best results, Cedrus deodora should be planted in a slightly sheltered location in full sun with plenty of space


FACT: Cedrus deodora has often been referred to as the ‘tree of gods’ as it grows at altitudes of up to 10,000ft.
Historically, it has been used for medicines to treat many things including flu and arthritis. It also promotes good digestion.

Plant Profile

Name: Cedrus deodora

Common Name: Deodar cedar

Family: Pinaceae

Height: 15-20 metres

Width: 8 + metres

Demands: Full sun

Soil: Moist, well drained

Foliage: Evergreen, long blue green needles hang in bundles

Flowers: Upright, barrel shaped cones

Cedrus deodora info sheet

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