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Carpinus betulus Frans Fontaine - Frans Fontaine Hornbeam

Originating in Europe, the Carpinus betulus Frans Fontaine is a popular choice here in the UK. Its smooth bark and upright form keeps a uniformed look through maturity. As its branches grow upright, it does not get wider than 3.0m, making it a great choice for restricted areas.

The bright green leaves turn to golden yellow through the autumn creating seasonal interest. Often it has been known to hold onto its crispy brown leaves through the winter, only dropping them once there are fresh buds in the spring.

For optimal growth, the Frans Fontaine Hornbeam requires moist but well drained soil. However, it is tolerant to most soils, including Clay and Chalk. Another great feature about this Hornbeam variety is its multitudes of forms. Here at Deepdale, we can supply this variety in standard form, feathered and as a screening tree.

FACT: Carpinus betulus Frans Fontaine is the narrowest of the Carpinus betulus cultivars and will not go wider than 3m. Even in maturity, its branches grow in a uniformed, upright shape.

Plant Profile

Name: Carpinus betulus Frans Fontaine

Common Name: Frans Fontaine Hornbeam

Family: Betulaceae

Height: 10.0-11.0m

Width: 3.0m

Demands: Full or partial sun. Exposed or sheltered

Soil: Moist, well-drained soil Foliage: Ovoid green leaves, turning yellow in autumn

Flowers: Green male catkins from April to May

Carpinus betulus Frans Fontaine info sheet

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