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Syringa chinensis - Rouen lilac

Syringa chinensis, commonly known as Rouen lilac or Chinese lilac, is a deciduous shrub which produces tiny, violet flowers.

This variety of lilac has a more airy appearance due to its smaller leaf and free flowering. It is great as a covering shrub and can be used as wind shelter. Its arching branches are resistant to harsh winters and it can withstand hot summer months too.

During late spring, you may catch a glimpse of this tree in all its glory, as its tiny, fragrant flowers begin to bloom; Making the whole shrub a beautiful shade of violet. It is perfect for any garden, especially those that crave colour and wildlife.

It is one of the fastest growing lilacs so can withstand heavy pruning to be almost any manor of forms. It is also pest and disease free. Syringa chinensis is available as a multistem which has an instant impact in creating the garden you desire.

FACT: Syringa chinensis is commonly called Chinese lilac but it was actually discovered in Rouen, France in 1777. It was a controlled cross between syringa vulgaris and syringa persica.
Confusingly neither of syringa chinensis' parents originate from China which is why it is also has the common name Rouen lilac.

Plant Profile

Name: Syringa chinensis

Common Name: Rouen lilac

Family: Oleaceae

Height: 2.5-3.5m

Width: 2.5-3.5m

Demands: Full sun

Soil: Moist but well drained, can tolerate cray soil

Foliage: Deciduous green leaves Flowers: Pale violet flowers blossoming in late spring

Syringa chinensis info sheet

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